Who Invented Homework and Why?

When teachers give you many complex and time-consuming homework assignments, you can’t help but want to know some facts about homework. For instance, who invented it and what informed them? Did they really think assignments would be a great idea?
Generally, students hate the idea of spending hours in seclusion trying to finish assignment after school. They feel tired, stressed and restless especially if other family members are having great time together. Basically, no student likes doing assignments even the smartest ones.

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So, who invented it?
Roberto Nevilis is almost universally acknowledged for having invented homework. Roberto was a Venice or Italian school teacher at around 1095. However, nobody has really proven that he invented it. In fact, homework is probably as old as education itself. That’s because some experts agree that students were assigned tasks by their teachers in Ancient Rome. Even there is an evidence to prove that students in Ancient Rome received school assignments from their teachers. Pliny the Younger’s teacher, Quintilian, mentions it in his education work. In fact, there are stone tablets to prove that teachers gave students assignments at that time.
However, just like modern students, ancient students did not like assignments. Perhaps, that’s because ancient students were expected to help with domestic chores and complete academic tasks. Therefore, being assigned academic tasks implied that they couldn’t have time to complete essential domestic tasks. Homework was disliked by students to an extent where in 1901 a law that banned it from kindergarten to eighth grade was passed in California. Fortunately, unlike ancient students, modern students can get law assignment help online making finishing these tasks easier.

Why was it invented?
Roberto used homework to punish students. He also used it to ensure that his students understood and embraced the learnt lessons fully. However, since the invention emerged when a system for formal education was developed, it became part of the education system in the European countries.
In places like the United States however, people did not take education seriously until during the 20th century. In fact, education was seen as a nuisance because parents wanted their children to stay at home assisting with daily chores. Nevertheless, things changed after the World War II when the world needed educated people, especially scientists.

Homework today
Roberto did not probably expect modern students to be overloaded with school assignments when inventing it. In 1981, students were doing academic tasks for 44 minutes. Today, students are spending hours in secluded places struggling to finish assignments. Others get homework help to beat strict submission deadlines set by their teachers. This clearly shows that this task is no longer serving its intended purpose. Initially, the goal was to enable students to understand what they are taught in class. However, modern students are bombarded with complex assignments and this leaves them with no option but to seek assistance.
As a modern student, you don’t have to write assignments hurriedly and probably score poor grade after hours of seclusion. You can hire an online homework service to finish assignments fast and score better grades.