Does Math Homework Improve Your Grades: Expert Opinion

Unless you are one of those rare students who enjoys studying the large majority don’t like homework and especially maths homework. Every evening the same arguments take place in homes worldwide “turn the TV off and do your homework.” If a study was conducted amongst every student in the United States as to whether they would prefer to watch TV or do their homework. To get more information about it, you can visit this assignment writing service online. The majority of students would say watch TV. However, regardless of survey results or statistics, students who are pulling their hair out and screaming help me math homework need to stop and think about whether or not it is going to improve their grades in the long run. Here are some general benefits of doing homework:

  • Students are taught how to manage their time wisely through homework.
  • Students learn how to set priorities through homework.
  • Homework lets teachers know whether the lessons and materials being taught in the classroom are effective.
  • Homework teaches students how to solve problems effectively.
  • Homework provides students with the opportunity to review the information they have gone over in class.
  • Homework allows parents to see what their children are being taught in the classroom.
  • Homework teaches students discipline.
  • Homework teaches students that they have a responsibility for their own educational success.
  • Homework teaches students about the importance of independent study.
  • Homework teaches students how to plan, stay organized and how to take action.

Students who feel that they need homework help in math should be provided with extra assistance outside of the classroom. Students who find this subject difficult but have no one to help them at home will often avoid doing the homework or do the bare minimum which overall does not improve their grades. Maths is a subject that students either love or hate and it is those who hate it that need the extra time and attention.

A major study tracking 3,000 students over a 15 year period found that those who spent more than two hours per night on homework got better grades in maths English and science. Any time spent doing homework showed benefits but those who spent two to three hours per night showed greater benefits. The study also found that students who said that they enjoyed school got better grades.

The bottom line is that there are some students who are not benefiting from school or homework and there are several reasons for this. However, it is up to the schools to ensure that the behavioural climate is improved and that school work is made more interesting and appealing for students. It is also important that students are made to feel as if they are getting the right amount of support from their teachers.

Students who need homework help with math and are continuously asking for math homework help should have access to extra support outside of school to ensure that their grades improve throughout the year.